I am very happy you are here. Take a moment to learn more about me and my art. My watercolor paintings evoke memories of my childhood and beyond in my native Vermont spent enjoying the breadth and depth of a country life on a Vermont dairy farm.
The purpose of my blog/website is to post my paintings for all to see. Original watercolors, prints, and cards are available for purchase. Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to come back again--
And BTW, until I reach my true greatness in the art of watercolor, the most I can do for you is show you what I love and then maybe you will see what I see and love it too!"

About Me

My life’s journey led me through the public high school where I taught business and technology classes for 40 years.  After a successful career in teaching,  I retired in 2004.  I have always felt a creative spirit and believe it followed me wherever I went in some form or another. With my five children grown and gone, my first career behind me, and my health and energy level primed to get the creative juices flowing, I decided the time is now to do something for my own sake.  I used all that time in between to explore what it was about the kinds of art that I did like.  I chose the art of watercolor.  
      A fourth generation Vermonter, I grew up on a Vermont dairy farm where all things were homespun, homebound and homemade. There was time to be mindful--to look at things and take stock of one’s surroundings—a time that one might wish to recapture and preserve in some way because of its stark contrast to our lives today. This may very well be my inspiration.
       My Thoughts:  "The best way to know life is to love many things" is a well known sentiment echoed by Van Gogh.   With that thought in mind--it begs the question--what inspires us?  The human heart is on a quest for happiness--we are all on a journey toward that pursuit and inspiration is essential to that goal.  This is the race to be won and we all can win it! Speaking as an artist, I believe that inspiration is the power that pushes the individual to do greater things than he or  she ever thought possible--it is what keeps you chasing the dream and in the arena.
     "For wherever your treasure is, therein lies your heart."  The foundations of my inspiration are what I treasure most--I am drawn to many things and I believe it is what you treasure that is the essence of your inspiration. I absolutely have had the good fortune of studying under signature Vermont artists but I believe my successes have also come from me alone.  My determination, daily painting, and strong connection to the subject matter are the basic ingredients that have expanded my skills and knowledge in watercolor.
     I paint what I like. I want to show people what I see and love whether it be birds, fabric, barns, cows, trees, fancy shoes, flowers, trees, etc.  I study what I see and try to share it. The gifts we all have we are given to share.  I am committed to command my own destiny in the world of art by painting wherever my heart takes me.  That being said, until I reach my true greatness in watercolor, the most I can do at the moment is to show you what I love and see and then maybe you will see what I see and love it too.
     Mary Ann is a member of the Milton Artists' Guild, the Vermont Watercolor Society, and the Vermont Handcrafters, Inc.  She has been accepted into several juried shows by these organizations for her watercolors.  Mary Ann was awarded "Signature Artist" of the VWS this year.  She has also been awarded at the Champlain Valley Fair for her artistic talent.  She continues to be a contributing and vibrant member of the Milton Artists' Guild.  In addition, this artist has donated her art to many silent auctions supporting the causes that help people succeed in their pursuit of happiness.
     Her work can be seen at  www.miltonartistsguild.org or  www.maryannduffygodin.com. 
 Email: reggodin5@gmail.com