I am very happy you are here. Take a moment to learn more about me and my art. My watercolor paintings evoke memories of my childhood and beyond in my native Vermont spent enjoying the breadth and depth of a country life on a Vermont dairy farm.
The purpose of my blog/website is to post my paintings for all to see. Original watercolors, prints, and cards are available for purchase. Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to come back again--
And BTW, until I reach my true greatness in the art of watercolor, the most I can do for you is show you what I love and then maybe you will see what I see and love it too!"


"A Holiday Favorite!"
This is my holiday favorite and one of the first flowers that I ever painted. Christmas in July anyone? Contact me!


"Zinnias on Duffy Road"


"Big Red Zinnia!"
This big red zinnia was in my garden and is one of my favorite flowers because it is so full of summer! A common sight here in Vermont and one that bodes well with watercolor. I love zinnias because I know them and feel comfortable painting them! I used Quin Red, Aureolin, and Scarlet Red to get the rich red on this flower along with their complement for the shadowing. I love red!