"I am very happy you are here so do make yourself at home and learn more about me and my art. Take the time to enjoy looking at my watercolor paintings which evoke memories of my childhood days in my native Vermont as well as all the days following childhood spent enjoying the breadth and depth of country life on a Vermont dairy farm.
The purpose of my blog/website is to post my paintings for all to see. Original watercolors, prints, and cards are available for purchase.

Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to come back again--until I reach my true greatness in the art of watercolor, the most I can do for you is show you what I love and then maybe you will see what I see and love it too!"


"Zinnias on Duffy Road"

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  1. Mary Ann, these zinnia prints are just beautiful! These are one of my favorite flowers and you have captured their details perfectly! Karin Paulsen Couillard